• Luxury 3 Set

    Luxury 3 Set

    The Luxury 3 Set comes with 3 Fragrances of your choice in a Meredith Glass Jar with a highly polished…

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  • Chocolate Orange

    Chocolate Orange

    Chocolate Orange Fragrance Sand- Sensationally juicy Oranges drizzled with Rich dark Chocolate on for a scent that is pure Heaven. 100…

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  • White Musk

    White Musk

    White Musk Fragrance Sand – this light musky scent, which was a favourite in the Body Shop in the 80’s…

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  • Vanilla Coffee

    Vanilla Coffee

    Vanilla Coffee Fragrance Sand – has a rich smooth smell of coffee with a Starbucks twist of Vanilla. 100 ml…

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  • Vanilla


    Vanilla Fragrance Sand – our Vanilla sand you can bring back those pleasant childhood memories associated with the smell of…

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  • Sandalwood


    Sandalwood Fragrance Sand – in general it’s a woodsy and earthy kind of scent, warm, spicy and grounding. 100 ml…

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  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight Fragrance Sand – deep, soft, rich, hypnotic, heady, honey-laden, floral, tenacious – just a few of the ways…

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  • Woodland Fresh

    Woodland Fresh

    Woodland Fresh Fragrance Sand – A fresh clean earthy smell the type you smell after a rain shower in the…

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  • Oriental Musk

    Oriental Musk

    Oriental Musk Fragrance Sand – the structure of the scent is a rich musk at the base, with a variety…

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