• Oriental Musk

    Oriental Musk

    Oriental Musk Fragrance Sand – the structure of the scent is a rich musk at the base, with a variety…

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  • Orange Spice

    Orange Spice

    Orange Spice Fragrance Sand – A fresh smell of oranges blended with North African spices. 100 ml Pot = £4-50…

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  • Opium


    Opium Fragrance Sand – a controversial fragrance with warm and spicy tones and alluring heart notes - including rose, sandalwood…

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  • Nag Champa

    Nag Champa

    Nagchampa Fragrance Sand – a classic favourite, Nagchampa has a sweet, slightly woodsy smell that many people describe as calming,…

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  • Twilight


    Twilight Fragrance Sand – A unique blend of 3 well known perfumes. Top notes of orange and raspberry sing through with…

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  • Lavender


    Lavender Fragrance Sand – a sensual and calming scent, ideal for burning whilst laying in a nice warm bath the…

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  • Jazz


    Jazz Fragrance Sand – Based on the popular aftershave, Jazz is a spicy fragrance, blending nutmeg, coriander and oakmoss with…

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  • Jasmine


    Jasmine Fragrance Sand – this is a calming, relaxing, sensual, exotic, romantic scent. 100 ml Pot = £4-50 each or…

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  • Christmas Spice

    Christmas Spice

    Christmas Spice Fragrance Sand – A warm glowing mulled wine smell to really get you into the spirit of Christmas.…

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  • Eucalyptus


    Eucalyptus Fragrance Sand – A fresh menthol smell which will really clear your airwaves. 100 ml Pot = £4-50 each…

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  • Eclipse


    Eclipse Fragrance Sand - Eclipse opens with bright Citrus and Bergamot oils, the heart notes lead on to warm Sage, Cardamom,…

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  • Dewberry


    Dewberry Fragrance Sand – is a floral fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are black currant, grapefruit, red apple and…

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